Policies and Procedures

Mandatory Online Network Registration for NC MSEN Pre-College Program

All students must complete mandatory On-Line Application form for the NC MSEN Pre-College Program.  Please use the following link to complete your application to the program by pasting the following web address on your web server:http://cstem.uncc.edu/6-12-stem-student-programs/nc-msen-pre-college-program/application/step-step-registration-msen-pre-collge-program

Mandatory Diagnostic Test

All students are required to take an online test for math, science and communication before the first day of Saturday Academy. The test is linked at our diagnostic test webpage. This test will not affect enrollment in the program it will only help in class placement and to keep track of student.


Attendance for NC MSEN Pre-College students is strictly monitored. Students attending college admissions tours and school related academic competitions will be exempt/excused. More than one unexcused absence from Saturday Academy will result in an automatic dismissal from the program

Tardy/Skipping Policy

Students late to class/tardy will be asked to fill out a “tardy slip” with name, time of arrival and parent contact/phone number. Parents will be notified. Skipping class will result in removal from the program for the remaining part of Saturday Academy or Summer Scholars Program.

Early Dismissal Procedures

The parent must send an email or note for the intention to pick the child early.  Each student must report to the NC MSEN Pre-College Office located in of Education Building, Room 222 to sign out.  A dated early dismissal slip will be issued to the student to be given to the teacher at time of dismal. 

No Tolerance Policy

The will be no tolerance for the following actions: bullying, teasing, fighting or possession of drugs or weapons.  Any violation will result in reporting the student to authorities and automatic removal from the program.

Photography/Video Release; Student and Parent/Guardian Agreement; Transportation Forms

All required forms listed above must be completed and returned in mail to NC MSEN Pre-College Office, at Center for STEM Education, Suite 222 COED Bldg., 9201 University City Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28223-0001


Parents/guardians are responsible for dropping off and picking up their child each Saturday Academy and Summer Scholars Program days. All students must be picked up at 12:30 pm. Students not picked up at 12:30 will report to the Campus Police officer on duty. In case of emergencies, parents must inform the NC MSEN Pre-College Office ahead of time to identity the person picking up the child. For emergencies/incident during the day, the student will be routed to College of Education Building, Room 222 for dismissal

Report Card Submission Schedule

All participating students must submit their academic progress reports (mid quarter) and quarter reports from their respective schools to their Saturday Academy math teachers at each of the designated Saturday Academy sessions.


Students not maintaining the pre-college grade point average requirement or submitting copies of report cards by the due dates will be put on academic probation status. 

Lost Items

 The Center for STEM Education NC MSEN Pre-College Program is not responsible for any lost items including cell phones, jewelry or personal belongings.

Dress Code

If a student wears inappropriate attire to Saturday Academy he/she will be sent to the Center for STEM Education NC MSEN Pre-College Office located in of Education Building, Room 222 and parents will be contacted to bring appropriate clothes for the student. 

Below are some items considered inappropriate:

  • No halter tops (shirts or dress), short shorts or short skirts or sagging pants
  • No revealing clothing, torn shirts or GRILLS Fronts
  • No clothing with profanity and derogatory words or images.
  • Shorts should be pass your fingertips when standing straight up and shirt straps must be at least three fingers in width.

If doing a laboratory in science class no open toed shoes or sandals

Student Conduct

Rudeness, disrespect, poor attitudes, and slackness will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If the teacher has a conflict with a student, the student will have a right to ask for a conference with the NC MSEN Pre-College Coordinator.  No electronic devices including cell phones, i-pods, i-pads Mp3 players or text messaging are to be used during class time. If any of these items are visible in class, they will be confiscated until appropriately signed paper work and/or parent conference is completed

Pre-College Assembly

There is no Morning Assembly. Students will report to their first period class and attendance will be taken there. Pre-College Assemblies will occur before “STEM Blasters”. Students must sit with their first period class group and teacher (as mentioned in class schedule). Students must come prepared with - pencils/pens, paper, notebook, and calculators.

 ISEF-Affiliated Regional Science & Engineering Fair:

All students are required to participate in the regional science & engineering fair (date TBA) held at UNC Charlotte.

Regional MSEN Day  and MSEN Day

To participate in MSEN Day, students will have to place in the Regional MSEN Day . Students will sign up for a MSEN event with their communication teacher. Students will test in the area that they have signed up for.  MSEN Day events will be filled on first come first served basis. MSEN Day will be held on the North Carolina State University campus.  All participating MSEN Pre-College Programs will be allowed to bring 80 students to participate in 12 MSEN events.

P.I.E Club:

For all new and returning parents the Parents Involved for Excellence (P.I.E) Club is open to your participation. The P.I.E. Club is a strong and important part of the NC MSEN Pre-College Program.  P.I.E. Club is a group of parents that sponsor activities to support and strengthen the NC MSEN Pre-College Program. The P.I.E Club conducts fundraisers each year and awards scholarships to graduating NC-MSEN Pre-College students.