Display and Safety Requirements

The UNC Charlotte Region 6 NC Science & Engineering Fair safety display requirements are the same as the North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair.   

Display and Safety Regulations Checklist

Required Inspection

Each Project Board must be inspected for Safety and Display Rules before you leave the mandatory project setup on February 16, 2018. We will provide LIMITED supplies to make small changes to the Project Board if required. 

  • Do NOT bring any items that are not allowed at Project or in Booth no exceptions. - Click here for rulesInclude Photographs of these items.
  • All Charts, Graphs, Images, and Photos MUST be credited. Photos of human participants MUST have consent/release forms.
  • Research Institution Form (1C), and Continuation Projects Form (7), if applicable, MUST be vertically displayed. 
  • Human consent/release forms, if applicable, MUST be available at the Project table.
  • Project log book/Project Report is optional and can be available at the Project table.