Contest Rules

Contest rules and information are available through the links below for the Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics contests (in PDF format). Information and rules for the Mathematics contests are more detailed because these are qualifying contests for state level competitions.

It is the sponsoring teacher’s responsibility to read and thoroughly acquaint themselves with the rules and information for each contest available at these links, as well as elsewhere throughout the Super Competition website, and to fully inform their students as needed.


The chemistry contest is open only to students who are currently enrolled in a first-year chemistry course. For schools with block scheduling, students who completed first-year chemistry in the fall semester and are not taking a follow-up in the spring semester are eligible to compete. Advanced and advanced placement students are not eligible to compete. Maximum of 10 students per school.

Chemistry contest rules


The mathematics competition, including both Comprehensive and Level 3 contests, is part of statewide math contests. The Level 3 contest is open to students who have been enrolled in Math 3 or equivalent (i.e., Algebra II) during the current academic year. The Comprehensive contest is mainly intended for students enrolled in a course beyond Math 3 during the current academic year, e.g. Precalculus (though option for entering Level 3 contest exists if Math 3 taken in same academic year); see contest rules. Note: Maximum of 15 students per school for both math contests combined.

Mathematics contest rules


The physics contest is open only to students who are currently enrolled in first-year physics. No student can participate in the UNC Charlotte Physics competition more than one year. Note: Maximum of 10 students per school.

Physics contest rules