The UNC Charlotte Region 6 NC Science & Engineering Fair forms are the same as the North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair.   

Follow the instructions and download all the required forms listed below complete electronically, print, sign, scan and upload with signatures dated accordingly. Pay attention to the common omissions and/or mistakes listed for each of the forms. 

Do not fill the forms on a browser. You must download and then complete electronically.

Please visit NC Science and Engineering Fair Forms and ISEF Rules Wizard to find out if any additional ISEF forms are required. Please check the appropriate boxes/circles below to find instructions to complete those additional ISEF forms if required.
  • You MUST complete additional ISEF forms even if testing is only on the student fair participant and even when the animal is a family pet.
  • No Elementary students can do projects involving culturing micro- organisms (bacteria, mold, fungus, etc.) in any location (school, home, or regulated institution) no exceptions. - Click here for rules.
  • No Junior (Middle) or Senior students can do projects involving culturing micro- organisms at home no exceptions. - Click here for rules

More ISEF Forms MUST be completed and approval may be required PRIOR to experimentation. Email Alisa Wickliff at IMMEDIATELY with your research plan. Your Research Plan will be reviewed by the SRC (Scientific Review Committee) at UNC Charlotte.

Visit for all the rules and forms required.